Loitering Munition Systems

AeroVironment's loitering munition systems close the gap between observation and action, giving troops the ability to identify threats and deliver a precision lethal payload with minimal collateral damage. Their small size and low acoustic, visual and thermal signature make them difficult to detect, recognize or track, even at close range.

Rapidly deployable, highly maneuverable, with high performance optics and scalable munition payloads, AeroVironment's Switchblade loitering munition systems enable the warfighter to easily launch, fly, track and engage beyond line-of-sight targets and light armored vehicles across land, maritime, and air-launched scenarios.

When every second counts, AeroVironment's loitering munition systems deliver the actionable intelligence and precision firepower needed to achieve mission success across multiple domains.

When Precision Counts

AeroVironment's Family of Loitering Munition Systems
Switchblade® 300 Block 20 // Switchblade® 600
// BlackwingTM

Capabilities Profile

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